Monday, September 5, 2011

The Dress! (TOP SECRET)

I intended to post this last week, but school keeps me busy ...  nonetheless, here it is.  I want to share with you my first attempt at finding "The Dress."  My Mom and I talked my Dad into letting us "drop by" David's Bridal last Saturday, as if, you can just "drop by" when you are looking for "The Dress."  When we went in, the sweet receptionist explained that there would be a short wait, but that we could look around if we liked.  So, I went straight to the size twos and began the scavenger hunt!  The first dress I looked at was lovely, breathtaking, and a perfect size two ...  of course no details will be given; I can't give anything away!  We tried it on and thought it was for sure THE ONE .... but then the oh so helpful consultant brought another lovely and breathtaking dress.  Then we were in quite a bind, because the second dress was perfect too!  So I tried dress #1 back on and wore it for a prolonged amount of time and then I changed back into dress #2 only to conclude that I will never be able to decide.  Needless to say, I have decided that the Wedding Dress Scavenger Hunt is going to be an adventure!  I will try to keep y'all updated  :)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is it!

Almost eight months ago my life had a turn around spin; Austin surprised my with the "Big Question" and I was over joyed to say, "YES!"  That said, I have been digging deep into the wedding research/planning loveliness and I decided that this would be a fabulous way to share my wedding wishfuls.  While in the midst of my senior year of undergraduate school, wedding planning along with thesis writing is sure to keep me on my toes.  So, jump on the bandwagon and join me and Austin as we journey towards our wedding day!